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We Attract, Capture and Nurture Online Buyer and Seller Leads for Busy Agents

Real Estate Marketing Results

Too much of Real Estate Marketing is like throwing Spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. How would you like strategic goals and marketing metrics you can measure? We attract quality leads to you through digital advertising, content marketing and search engine optimization of a quality website. Simply put, we make you better.


We are targeted in our efforts so that we don’t waste your advertising budget.


We pay attention to the analytics because they determine our next steps to drive your results.

AGENT feeder

We Feed You Leads

The only thing standing between you and more customers is an outstanding online presence.


Real Estate Marketing Requires Multi-Tasking in Various Digital Disciplines. Start Here.

mobile first search

The vast majority of home searches begin online and increasingly on a mobile device. Are you ready for this mobile revolution?

Search engine optimization

If a website is built online and nobody visits it is it really a website? We help drive traffic to your online hub.

Local SEO

Don’t miss out on opportunities to help new customers simply because they could not find you in their online search.

a robust idx Website

Let your website be a resource for people in their home search. If they rely on your website it increases your viability.

lead triggers

Analytics are the key. If you know what your future clients are doing on your website then you can better serve them.

Lead Capture

Getting a future buyer to give you pertinent info like an email address or phone number helps you help them.

“Derrek Engeler and I met when I sold his home in 2011. I was so impressed with his energy and honesty and wonderful ideas that I asked him to head my online marketing for TonyaPeek.com. Derrek immediately had unique and profitable ideas. He helped me obtain numerous websites and landing pages and in record time took them to the number one position. He also handled my pay per click and organic SEO as well with fantastic results. I have been nothing but impressed with his work ethic and services. I trust his expertise and marketing talents and would recommend him to anyone that asked me.” Tonya Peek

DFW Top Producing Real Estate Profefessional, The Tonya Peek Group

More on the Mobile Revolution

Stay top of mind and top of inbox and most importantly top of phone. If they sense that you are as intersted in helping them as they are in moving into that new house they have been searching for you are closer than ever to being their top choice for an agent.


Don’t let your technology bog you down. We will train you and offer pointers on any crm or web platform that you choose.


Make sure that the contacts that you have on your desktop are also on your phone. This is a huge timesaver.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

You Might Be Asking. OK You know your stuff and I need your help but where do we begin. Let me know your schedule and I will come to you. I understand how busy a successful realtor is so if I can communicate first in person to then through a chain of solution finding emails and with that we have a winning solution that saves you time and money.

Why Will They Choose You?

One Word: Saturation. You are everywhere they look. With Digital Advertising and Retargeting Added to Your Game You Can Rise Above Your Competition.

Instant Results

Too many Real Estate Professionals think that Blogging and SEO are the gold mine to getting leads, but they take time. With Digital Advertising You Can Get Instant ROI and adjust your spending based on your results and budget.

Marketing Disciplines

Real Estate Marketing is Definitely and Investment. You have to Be Wise and Constantly Manage Your Budget. Basically You Do More of What Works and Less of What Doesn’t.


Digital Advertising


Local SEO and social media


Web Development


applied Analytics

Trust the creative process


Discovery Session

This is where we get to know you and your business. It is not about us in this conversation, it is all about you. We will ask questions to better understand your brand and we will work with you to determine your current and future marketing needs.


Strategy Session

Now that we have discovered everything we can about you we try to find links between your needs and the services that we provide. This is done by working together as a team to develop your strategy and discussing the skills and tools that can help you accomplish it.


Branding Work

Branding is so often overlooked but if you have not develped your identity and how to make your business memorable then that is where we will start from a creative perspective. Consitent branding across all marketing efforts is very important.


Creative Review

When we work with you to create your branding we are going to give you options. At this stage in the process we find what you like best from the graphic designs we have to present to you. Then we do more of what you like and less of what you don’t.


Development Work

Whether it is campaign building or social media management we get everything set up, loaded and tested and ready for deployment.


Campaign Deployment

Getting the right message across to your ideal customer at the right time is the key to your success. This stage offers deployment accurately at strategic times for optimal engagement.


Measure Results

Just like the creative review the campaigns need reviewed too but the only difference is you review them after they launch and measure your results looking for trends that can be enhanced and negative patterns that can be omitted in future efforts.

Ready Set Grow!
We are a Start Up Company Based on 12 Years of Freelance Digital Marketing Service to DFW and Destin, Florida. Now proudly serving Derrek’s hometown area of East Texas and gaining momentum fast with great customer service and niche marketing for multiple industries.

Years Experience



With Over 10 Years of Freelance Digital Marketing Experience in DFW and Florida, Derrek Engeler Has Started a Company to Serve the Area He Loves Most – East Texas.

Creating the future

Derrek is Founder and CEO of Engeler Marketing, LLC, a Creative and Digital Marketing Agency in East Texas. Derrek believes in niche marketing and decided to launch five brands to serve the Marketing and Advertising needs of East Texas Businesses.

Derrek is a graduate of Baylor University, where he studied Religion, Sociology, and Communications. Derrek is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts in Christian Education. 

Derrek first served in Sports Outreach Ministry for 12 years and has been in Digital Marketing work for the last 8 years. You could say Derrek has been an evangelist of sorts his entire career. At first in the church setting and now helping small businesses evangelize their products and services online.

Derrek is passionate about his Faith. He is the Daddy of the Cutest 4 year old on the Planet, Son of Amazing Parents, an Apple Enthusiast, an Avid Sports Fan, Drinks Sugar-Free Red Bull daily, Listens to Music 24/7, and loves to relax by playing Golf.

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Like Having a Virtual Marketing Assistant

You are a Pro in Knowledge of Your Area and in Professionalism and Follow Up. Leave the Technology to Us and We will focus on Building Your Online Presence.

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